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Supermarket Refrigerators

Refrigerators have an important role to play do drive a company's sales; especially if it is into the business of frozen or chilled products. DRU International's range of commercial coolers and supermarket refrigerators is flexible and can be customized to your company's products, thereby adding value to your business through its advanced technical and flexible features.

Check out what's in it for you

  1. You could be selling ice-creams, vegetables, frozen or chilled products and much more, your all-in-one supermarket refrigerator is now available at DRU International.
  2. With loads of shapes, sizes and designs, our supermarket refrigerator units are built to take care of your diverse storage needs.
  3. Our range of supermarket refrigerators are equipped with advanced technology that minimizes energy consumption and prove to be an economical asset.
  4. Our coolers have plug-in and cool feature that gives you the choice of relocating the cooler to different places on the floor
  5. Our coolers offer great flexibility and can be customized according to your business requirements.
We facilitate your point-of-sale (POS) with refrigerator equipments that help you optimize your sales opportunities. Our range of supermarket refrigerators gives you a wide variety of choice and moreover, we are just a call away. Connect with us and we shall be glad to discuss your requirement.

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