Advertising Coolers that sell

Advertising Coolers

Every business today thrives on advertising. In today's competitive world, sales figures could probably start diminishing if advertising is ineffective. For every brand to survive and boost its sales, it is imperative that they advertise their products.

The plight of every retail floor begins when it comes to merchandizing their frozen or chilled products. The beverage section, food products, meat, juices, vegetables or any perishable product stuffed in cooler, needs to be displayed effectively at the point-of-sale (POS).

It's time to unleash the power of advertising coolers to increase the floor sales. Advertising the chilled and frozen products becomes essential to ensure an increase in sales graph.

Why should you have an advertising cooler?

  1. A chic display of the chilled and frozen products of your brand shall attract the potential buyers.
  2. DRU's advertising coolers can be customized according to your business requirements. For E.g. If you sell any beverages and/or food products, the coolers can be customized to the shape of your product, thereby increasing the effectiveness of your branding strategy.
  3. Ideal for businesses of all size who want to store a variety of chilled & frozen products.
  4. We share some more exciting features such as plug and cool that gives you the freedom of relocating the cooler to different places on the floor.
Our endeavor is to empower you with a dynamic cooler at the POS, which accelerates your sales and advertises your products!

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